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    The Photo Calendar Program is free software released for personal use under the GNU General Public License.
    It is not for commercial use or resale.


    The Photo Calendar Program is written in JavaScript. The program functions on browsers that support frames and implement JavaScript 1.3 or higher. The intended use is for making personalized wall calendars. The program combines your photo with an automatically generated calendar template. A notation database supplies dates for USA federal holidays and other selected holidays. Users can customize their calendar by adding personal notations for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. All notations are individually selectable. The calendar has several formatting options that modify the presentation of the date block. The software has been tested on Mozilla/Firefox and Internet Explorer.

    Latest Update

    The calendar has been updated for new Daylight Savings Time starting in 2007. Earlier versions are obsolete.


    The program files are released as a compressed directory archive. Two versions are available: GNU/Linux as a .tar.gz file or Windows as a .zip file. Select the format appropriate for your system from the Download links on the sidebar. These point to the most recent software release (photo-cal-0.55).


    The tar utility is a standard component of all GNU/Linux systems. Uncompress the download file with the command:

    tar xzvf photo-cal-0.55-linux.tar.gz

    On Windows XP, right click the file and select Extract All.

    Other versions of Windows do not come with a zip utility. Your choices are:
    1. Buy and install a commercial package.
    2. Download and install a free software package.
    For the latter option you may want to look at this freeware site.
    (Please note that I have no association with this site. The link is provided for your convenience.)

    With a zip utility installed on Windows, you should be able to uncompress the archive by double clicking on the .zip file. If all else fails, you can do it from a Command Prompt window with this command:


    A successful installation will create a directory/folder named photo-cal-0.55. On Windows, it may reside on an intervening folder named photo-cal-0.55-win32 which was created by the unzip program. Please take a minute to read the release notes in the file README which is located in the photo-cal-0.55 directory. This is a simple text file that can be opened using the Notepad program on Windows.


    On Linux:

    Point your browser to the photo-cal-0.55/calendar.html file.

    On Windows:

    From the photo-cal-0.55 folder, double click calendar.html to launch that page on Internet Explorer.

    Instructions for using the input form are contained in the file help.html. You can access this via the "help" link at the bottom of the frame. Have fun!

    Written by: Kenneth Hopping

    Last update: Oct 29, 2006